In an initial scoping workshop we bring together key stakeholders and key partners in a creative environment to explore and create. We elasticize thinking, transporting you mentally to the future on a number of workforce optimisation topics so we can work back to where you are today, enabling us to co-create the roadmap and scope of the transformation.


Talent Reimagined will oversee and execute critical and co-created workstreams through our transformation project office. Through our Talent Reimagined network and partners, we design, deploy and accelerate transformation required across workspace, workforce and technology workstreams.


We implement the change and communication strategy for go live, and support with the transition into your new future proofed optimised workforce model. Before we leave, we will provide full training around agile working and continuous improvement to ensure ongoing success and agile evolution of the new model.


What is the turnaround time for the ReModel and the ReWork?

It is dependent upon the scale and complexity of the rebuild, and typically will range from 3 months – 9 months in total.

What are the 6 critical workstreams for the ReBuild?

Partners, Process, Performance, Purpose, Pipelining and People. When these are working together in harmony, the possibilities are endless.

What are the 3 critical workstreams for the ReWork?

The 3 critical workstreams are Workspace, Workforce and Technology. There are additional layers within each workstream to dive deeper into topics such as talent acquisition, team structure, workforce categories, wellbeing etc. The 3 workstreams when designed and deployed in the right way for you organisation will create an optimised workforce model which will be the future differentiator for companies which succeed.

What role does Talent Reimagined play in the delivery?

We oversee the transformation office, and coordinate both the Talent Reimagined resources and strategic external partners engaged to deliver on workstreams or a subset of the workstreams unique to your requirements. We provide one central point of contact for the end to end transformation, providing you with weekly and monthly updates through to project completion.

How else do you support your clients besides the ReModel?

Besides the ReModel, we can also be engaged into specific TA related strategic projects (such as vendor standardisation, process standardisation, technology implementation or reconfiguration). We also support smaller organisations and start-ups to set up or level up your talent acquisition strategy and operations, so you are positioned for success from the start.

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