Meet our founder, Tessa James.

Tess has been innovating across the talent acquisition space for 15 years, in over 70 countries. She has now arrived at a point where her experience can help curious and brave organisations bridge the ever growing disconnect between recruiting practices and talent realities.

Innovator, problem solver, and entrepreneurial in mind and spirit. She has worked across 3 industries within TA, from high growth SME to fortune 500 as well as 3 years specifically in transformation. With her background in psychology, she is always passionately driving her focus on the human experience.

Read more here about why Tess created Talent Reimagined and how it is helping organisations and talent find each other again.

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Tessa James

  • Founder.
  • Reimagineer.

I am a problem-solving creative strategist….and a dreamer.

My purpose is to lead on the overall transformation strategy, and oversee The ReModel with our clients, delivered by the best independent talent reimagineers.

My passion is to support organisations to differentiate themselves in how they define, engage, attract and hire talent.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi

Melissa Buch

  • Founder - Brandbuch.

I am a disruptor at heart.

My purpose is to create a world where businesses stand for something beyond their product and service.

My passion is building companies and brands with purpose.

“Evil doesn’t have to be an overt act; it can be merely the absence of good.” Yvon Chouinard

Andrew Cornish

  • Recruitment Transformation Consulting.
  • Reimagineer.

I am a pragmatic solution driven consultant, able to cut through the ambiguity that surrounds most change programmes to establish realistic goals and objectives that will produce measurable outcomes.

I am driven by my passion to eliminate complexity from outdated processes and the search for functional technologies that engage users and underpin people centric talent solutions.

“Ambiguity is your friend if you’re looking to innovate” Brian Clark

Ellie Lewis

  • Recruitment Transformation Consulting.
  • Reimagineer.

I am a curious solutions-focused pragmatist.

My purpose: To translate the reimagined into governance and technology, enabling our clients to scale and grow.

My passion: To develop and bring to life solutions which accelerate our clients performance.

“Motivation comes from working on things we care about.” Sheryl Sandberg

Jaime Newbery

  • Recruitment Transformation Consulting.
  • Reimagineer.

I am a challenger in ways of thinking and doing.

My purpose is to reimagine simplistic and efficient solutions, partnering with clients to drive their desired transformation.

My passion is to enable positive change from best practice to top class experiences.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Rockerfeller

Leanne Kovacic

  • Workplace Transformation.
  • Employee Experience and Engagement.
  • Reimagineer.

I am a PMO and Workplace Change Management Lead.

My purpose is to enable organisations and employees to reimagine their workplace and together create new ways of working.

My passion is to create workplaces that improve employees experience and well being, foster collaboration, maintain an employees sense of belonging and ultimately increases productivity.

“…to win in the market place you must first win the workplace.” Doug Conant

Jeff Salisbury

  • Total Rewards.
  • Reimagineer.

I am an international Total Rewards strategist.

My purpose is to provide both strategic and operational support across all compensation and benefits topics for clients.

My passion is working with high growth companies, to help them be competitive in their market space and achieve their business priorities.

“Mission defines strategy, and strategy defines structure” Peter Drucker

Gian Piero Zambini

  • Privacy Professional & HR Technology Geek.
  • Reimagineer.

Privacy and data protection specialist with almost 20 years’ experience in HR technology.

Passionate about enabling digital innovation and enablement whilst safeguarding the right to privacy and freedom of individuals, with particular focus on areas of talent acquisition and employee’s performance.

In today’s market, privacy is a competitive advantage.

“If you see compliance as a burden, you are doing it wrong” Professor Christopher Docksey

Joanna Burbury

  • Clinical Psychologist

I believe in the power of holistic wellbeing.  

My passion is people, helping people to create meaningful and fulfilling lives, both inside and outside of work.

My purpose is to help organisations put their employees well-being at the centre of everything they do and normalise mental health topics in the workplace.  I want to engage, empower and equip employees with the tools to look after their mental and physical health to drive productivity, engagement, and fulfilment.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” Victor Frankl